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Report from China ~ October 2015

This is a country with about 1.3 billion people. Having been a closed country for centuries, it is a country where there is suspicion about outside influences and there is widespread superstition.

One believer who doesn’t want us to reveal his identity wrote:

I grew up in a rural village, elder village people support superstition. When people got sick, they didn't see the doctor - instead they burned paper (they draw strange words on the paper) and drink it together with water. In my village there is also a person called ‘The Immortal’, people will ask him for help when they are in trouble. During that time a Christian came to my house and preach the gospel. I was there but my father and grandpa walked away. I was very interested and listened carefully. But I was too young and can't make any choice. To tell you the truth, I only thought it is a legend and didn't believe. This is my first time heard the gospel.

When I go to school, I like reading very much, ie stories, Three Hundred Tang Poems , 5000 years of China, Encyclopaedia and Bible story, I smelled fresh fragrance of these books. and very interested in scrutiny the author's idea and contents. But it is Bible, I can only understand* say 10%, so I ask others for help but their views I can't accept, I also apply Bible from Carelinks website and our advert in China. It seemed your idea are more acceptable ie There are no immortal souls when people dies, we become dust. As Bible says He created man from dust, and breathed into his nose to give him life. God can destroy the soul (Matt. 10:28),So souls are destroyable.........
*(He means ‘understood’ – the Chinese do not have tenses like English!)

There is a huge hunger for the truth of God and for information about Jesus.

Brother Donald who lives near Shanghai has committed himself to sharing this truth with his country people and in recent years there have been many baptisms. Not only does he spend his spare time teaching and preaching and running periodic Bible Schools, but he distributes Chinese language Bibles to all who ask for them.

Carelinks arranged for the commentary notes to be translated into Chinese and for the NEV Bibles (and some English ones) to be printed. When delivered to Donald’s flat, there was hardly room for his bed, as you can see in the photo.

Carelinks also arranged to send him some funds for postage and packing. This is very cost-effective because it would cost nearly £5 to post such a parcel from the UK, yet it is only £1 – £1.50 in China.

In March 2015, Donald wrote: ‘I am now encouraging Michael to be baptized into Christ, There are 1 in Hunan, 1 in Shanghai are asking for baptism as a result of 100 Bibles.’

And here are some responses:

Brother Donald
Brother Donald
Boxes of Bibles stacked high in Brother Donald's flat
Boxes piled high in Brother Donald's flat

Dear Ai Feng, (Donald’s Chinese name)      
Thank you for your letter! The Bible you sent to me is great, I like it very much. I promise that I will read the Bible every day.
A friend of mine is also interested in the NEV Bible, if possible, could you please send me one more?
Thank you again and looking forward to your reply.
Best wishes,    
C… Chao

Reply to C… Chao

很 高心你对圣经的热心,我会为你邮寄圣经。通过洗礼归 入主耶稣与耶稣同死和一起复活,当王国再次在地球上 降临的时候,我们将会得到永恒。如果有兴趣,请联系 我。

上 帝保佑

High heart you enthusiastic about the Bible, I will send you the Bible. By baptism into Jesus and Jesus' death and resurrection
together again when the kingdom on earth comes, we will be eternal. If you are interested, please contact me.

God bless, Donald

In April Donald said: I've sent 312 copies of English Bible together with 125 copies of Chinese Bible,
2 sent to the united states and taiwan

On 6/7/2015 12:17, J…. Zhang wrote:


By virtue of your benevolence, today I have received the NEV Bible kindly sent by Ai Feng. It is exquisitedly bound and well printed and I love it. Nothing more can I say but to devote myself to studying this holy work of God. Ai Feng is a great brother and I expect to form bond
with many more faithful people like him.

I find the resources you provided quite enlightening and I'm looking forward to this wonderful Bible learning journey ahead!

My best wishes to all of you.God bless you

I will study Bible if i can have one.


And from a Chinese national in USA:
Hello! I really want a copy of bible basics because I really want to find a way out. My life is suck and
I am wondering if I can get answers from God.. My mailing address is ….., Tucson Arizona, .
Thank you A….. Zhang

Such was the response to the adverts, that 2 further grants have been made this year and currently a further 320 have been sent out and there are plans for Donald to post about 500 more and hand-distribute 200 into local villages.

“Please praying for our mission in these rural area”, says Donald.

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