Carelinks UK Branch

Report ~ October 2016
The charity was originally set up as Bibles Worldwide Trust (BWT). In October 2016, it changed its name to Carelinks and took on the financial aspects of Carelinks UK, which had previously been an unregistered charity.

The objects of the two charities were almost identical and the aspects of the work previously done by Bibles Worldwide Trust and Carelinks UK continued without interruption.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales approved the merger and the charity continues with the same registered number 1157202.

All those who had previously contributed to BWT and to Carelinks continued to support us in the new formation.

Report from China ~ October 2015
There is a huge hunger for the truth of God and for information about Jesus. Brother Donald who lives near Shanghai has committed himself to sharing this truth with his country people and in recent years there have been many baptisms. Read more ...
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